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Private(i): Brooklyn Navy Yard

An Immersive Mixed-Reality Adventure created by Fixed Agency


The year is 2020 and we find ourselves in a society of hyper-surveillance. Privacy is illegal. Secrets are a thing of the past. An underground community of “Aloners” have hacked their way off the grid, inviting outsiders into a hidden world. Participants are matched with a Private(i) - an undercover guide - and embark on a covert walking tour deep within the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Through a series of unexpected encounters, they reconnect with a time when privacy still existed.

In select locations throughout The Brooklyn Navy Yard  April, 2014

(reprised Sep '14 as part of BEAT Festival)


"Equal parts urban spelunking expedition and political provocation...a reminder that being truly alone is necessary"

-Fast Company


“If the future is anything like how the artists behind Private(i) predict it will be, the only way to protect our privacy will be to become hackers ourselves, creating glitches in the system that binds us.”

- Rhizome

Fixed Agency is a collaborative arts group founded by New York-based multidisciplinary artists Isaac Eddy, Peter Musante, Rachael Richman, Eva von Schweinitz, and production manager Alessandra Calabi.

Working at the intersection of participatory art, interactive technologies, and community, Fixed Agency develops immersive mixed-reality experiences that push the boundaries of performance and storytelling. The group was a Visiting Artist at BLDG 92 / The Brooklyn Navy Yard, 2014.



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