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Part theater, part dance, part interactive performance art ... a scintillating example of what happens when skilled performers collaborate and stretch the boundaries of genre.

- The Missoula Independent

"In the 1950s, the British mathematician Alan Turing devised a test in which a judge asks questions of two subjects: one a computer and one a human. The judge, unable to see the two, receives text answers, and based on those must render a judgment on which subject is human...

After beginning to develop a dance piece based on Turing's life, Musante and his collaborators realized they were most intrigued by the Turing test than telling a conventional biography, particularly the underlying questions it proposes, among them: What does it mean to be human?

His evening-length dance-theater piece, "the.humanest," shed the biographical format to use the Turing test's format to ask questions about two different sets of dance pieces.

"We're not asking you to choose which is real and which is fake," Musante said. Instead, they'll present two variations on a scene, and ask the audience which is the most human in a playful format that asks for their participation and feedback.

-Corey Walsh, The Missoulian  click for full article

video of MT production forthcoming

video of original NY production here

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