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Up and small-batch, immersive theater at its most thoughtful and deliberate. Making its audience feel welcome and at ease is fundamental to the production — an approach a lot of mainstream theater could stand to learn from."


Laura Collins-Hughes 

The New York Times 


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In 2013, Lincoln Center Education commissioned Trusty Sidekick Theater Company to create an original peice of theater for young people with Autism and their families. Project site here.


Public Premiere: September 29 - November 1, 2015 -  Clark Studio Theater Lincoln Center


  • NYTimes Feature, here.

  • Audience feedback video, here.

  • Special feature on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holthere.


  • Commissioned by Lincoln Center Education. 
    Created by Trusty Sidekick.

    Jeremy Dewey, Trusty Sidekick Executive Director
    Jonathan Shmidt Chapman, Trusty Sidekick Artistic Director


    Jonathan Shmidt Chapman – Director / Lead Artist
    Drew Petersen – Playwright & Co-Lyricist / Lead Artist
    Peter Musante – Multi-Sensory Experience Director / Lead Artist
    Nick Benacerraf – Environmental Designer / Lead Artist
    Andrew Anzel – Production Manager
    Paul Brewster – Audience Engagement Manager
    Daryl Embry – Technical Director
    Chris Gabriel – Composer & Co-Lyricist / Sound Designer
    Aliza Greenberg – Autism and Education Specialist
    Simon Harding – Lighting and Projection Designer
    Spencer Lott – Puppet Director and Designer
    Natalie Loveland – Costume Designer
    Alison Mahoney – Assistant Director
    Zack Ramadan – Projection Animation Designer / Documentarian
    Leigh Walter – Stage Manager
    Brendan Yi-Fu Tay – Prop Designer
    Emmie Finckel – Assistant Environmental Designer
    Samantha Hubshman – Production Assistant


Spencer Lott – Phin Fogg
Jamie Agnello – Fran Fogg
Emily Bruner – Faux Fogg
Robert Stevenson – Phil Fogg
Shelah Rhoulac – Flip Fogg
Jessica Cannizzaro – Fan Fogg
Amy Jensen – Flow Fogg
Peter Musante – Carl
Natalie Mack – Foon Fogg
Jason Vance – Frop Fogg
Drew Petersen – Understudy
Alison Mahoney – Understudy

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